(H.U.G.S.) is a ministry currently organized as a religious non-profit and assists local communities with establishing social enterprise non-profit Women’s Centers nationally and internationally. The Centers are developed for the specific community target population needs and each Center works to raise revenue to further the social missions of the organization. Providing low fee counseling, for girls and women struggling with issues of abuse and mental illness.

H.U.G.S. works diligently to build extensive partnerships within the local communities and construct networks for collaboration and mutual support. The benefits of these networks have been documented by researchers and include mutual learning; enhanced legitimacy and status; economic power; and an enhanced ability to manage uncertainty. As a ministry, H.U.G.S. seeks to create social value, not just organizational value; share leadership with the communities; relies on volunteers for knowledge and expertise and has to rely heavily on trust and relationships to accomplish the outlined vision and mission.

HUGS COUNSELING SERVICES is dedicated to providing the highest quality supportive services, counseling, shelter and education to Los Angeles County women, children involved in or threatened by domestic violence or sexual assault.

Rebuilding Lives

HUGS COUNSELING SERVICES assists its clients in healing so that they can:

BUILD: their dignity, self esteem and confidence.
LEARN: that what has happened is not their fault.
KNOW: that they and their children have a safe haven.
FEEL RELIEF: from the fear of physical, verbal and emotional abuse.
FIND OUT: that someone understands their problems and that there are solutions.
HOPE: by learning that they can make different, better choices in the future.

Core Values

Our problems stem from spiritual issues. While there are certainly biological, emotional and social co-factors, my focus is your soul. When your Christian growth (sanctification) slows down or halts, and you cannot fix the situation, you need the help of another believer who can direct you to God’s answers and bring about change that honors God. While only God can heal, counseling is a tool helping us understand who we are in Christ and help us find meaning, purpose, love, joy and peace. Counseling involves 3 C’s: concern, confrontation and change.

The Holy Spirit, the Bible and faith are necessary for growth. I welcome any girl, adolescent, young woman, middle-age woman, mature woman, married, single, divorced, mother, step-mother, grandmother to seek counsel and start leading a more abundant life in Christ. Anticipate approximately 6, one-hour sessions.

Vision Statement

To build the lives of the woman and girl through the power of the Word of God.

To educate God’s woman into the knowledge of the importance of whom they are in Christ so that they may rise to be leading ladies in the home, church and communities

To illustrate the power of intercession and prayer.